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Education recruitment done different

Access 11x more candidates in the education sector with our sophisticated AI recruitment media technology.
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We partner with some of the world's leading schools

Number of jobs advertised

Reach your desired audience proactively across social media channels, apps, and websites they frequent daily. Gaia ensures 100% reach, targeting the right candidates or stakeholders in the public sector.

Educational institutions we work with

We're proud to work with thousands of educational institutions around the world. 1200

Number of clicks to apply

We boast very successful campaigns that attract candidates to your jobs so that they click through to apply.

The future of recruitment in the education industry

Traditional job boards depend on candidates visiting their site. However, only 10-15% of teachers and education professionals actively seek new roles. Gaia identifies, targets, and engages with the remaining 85% who aren’t actively job hunting.
By targeting passive job-seekers across the education sector, we expand your school’s talent pool, ensuring you receive both quality and quantity in job applications.

Superior AI recruitment technology for education job ads

As digital media recruitment experts, we leverage our advanced AI-powered platform to optimise job ads and maximise reach across social media and search channels. We also specialise in ensuring that your recruitment marketing aligns seamlessly with your school’s values.Our team of digital marketing experts crafts high-conversion candidate landing pages, guaranteeing a seamless and engaging application experience. Attracting top talent is effortless with our tailored approach.

Reach education staff through search & social

Reaching candidates across digital media is an increasingly popular recruitment method for forward-thinking schools. Our experienced team of social media strategists can take the hassle out of managing your social media channels and devise a recruitment strategy that’s bespoke for your organisation.

Looking to reach a specific demographic?

Social and search media offer direct access to talented education professionals ready for their next career move. It amplifies your employer brand and helps find the right team for your school's success.



Placing vacancies on job boards and using databases gathered by education recruitment agencies.
Using social media that teachers use daily.
Reaching only those people who are actively searching for a new job.
Reaching both those who are searching for a new job and those who are just thinking about it.
No possibility to target your best audience, potentially leading to a large number of irrelevant applications.
Wide possibilities for targeting, which improves the relevance of incoming inquiries.
Social media reach also increases your brand awareness.
No additional influence on brand reputation and awareness.
Average time to close a position: 23 days.
Average time to close a position: 41 days.
Average cost per candidate acquisition: from £391.
Average cost per candidate acquisition if applying through a recruitment agency: from £7500 per hire.
Doesn't need any technical knowledge; we’ve got you covered and will save you over 30% of your recruitment budget.
Requires a lot of manual labour, recruitment experience, or significant investment to hire an education recruitment agency.

How we attract

top talent for you



Before we start, we work closely with your team to learn about your school and hiring needs to attract the most suitable candidates.

Campaign setting

We choose proper social media channels, craft messages, and set up advertising campaigns to draw the attention of the right education specialists.

Landing page creation

We create appealing and effective landing pages to ensure the ads convert well and filter out the most appropriate candidates to apply.

Campaign launch

We launch and adjust campaigns to grant you the best applications vs. advertising cost ratio compared to job boards and education recruitment agencies.

Don’t wait for the best teachers to find your school;

we’ll find them for you!

11x  more applicants

Boost your hiring success and attract 11x more applicants with our proven recruitment strategies.

30% budget save

Slash expenses and save over 30% of your budget with our cost-effective solutions.

108hrs saved

Reclaim up to 108 hours per campaign with our streamlined processes and efficient tools.

Frequently asked questions

What Is Education Recruitment?

Education recruitment is the process of finding and hiring professionals to work in educational institutions, such as schools, colleges, and universities. This can include hiring teaching staff, administrators, managers, support staff, and other professionals who work in the education field.

Is Education Recruitment Hard?

Education recruitment can be challenging because there may be a shortage of qualified candidates, and the process can be time-consuming. However, with the right recruitment strategies and tools, such as GaiaSoccialy, the process can be much more effective. Gaia helps to eliminate high cost of candidate acquisition, limited reach, and a high number of irrelevant applications.

Do You Work With Further Education?

We provide recruitment services to all kinds of educational institutions, from early years to further education.

What Education Roles Do You Cover?

We cover all kinds of education roles for our clients, and we’re happy to help you find the right person, be it a teacher, a teaching assistant, a manager, or anyone else